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Nigella Lawson praised for publicly showing her support for transgender community

The chef highlighted an important issue

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Nigella Lawson has been widely praised after she showed her support for an article written about transgender rights.

The chef, 60, shared the article with her 2.6 million Twitter followers.

She shared the article with her own caption: “A still small voice of calm”.

The article, published in The Independent, is an opinion piece written by Nora Mulready.

Here Nora writes that she initially believed the transgender identity was simply a ‘millennial fad’.

nigella lawson
Charities praised Nigella Lawson for bringing attention to the thought-provoking article (Credit: YouTube)

Nigella Lawson: more than a domestic goddess

However, this all changed when she learned that her own nephew had come out as transgender.

Nora wrote: “My sister has said to me right from the start that this is not a free speech issue but an issue of kindness and humanity towards a group of people who are mocked and maligned daily.

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“She would never argue that JK Rowling and Piers Morgan do not have the right to say what they think about trans identity, but would simply ask them to think about the impact of what they are saying when, for example, they mock inclusive language about menstruation, on an already very marginalised group.”

She later added: “Seeing this issue unfold within my own family taught me a profound lesson: the importance of humility in the face of something you do not understand.”

Charities and activists praised Nigella’s input

nigella lawson
Nigella Lawson appears to have come out in support for transgender rights (Credit:

Nigella’s highlighting of the article has gained widespread attention across social media.

At the time of writing it has received over 2,600 times on Twitter and amassed over 14,000 likes.

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Barrister Jo Maugham praised her tweet with: “Thanks for sharing that, Nigella. I hope that transphobia will soon become as socially unacceptable as racism and homophobia.”

Mermaids, a charity that supports transgender kids, tweeted: “Hi Nigella, it’s great to see you sharing this. X Calm not hate.”

And presenter Georgie Bringham posted: “This is a lovely article on a complex conversation/topic I’m always keen to read about and try to understand better. Thank you for sharing.”

Stonewall UK posted: “Thank you for sharing this, Nigella” and Paris Lees replied: “We need much more kindness and fairness when discussing these children’s lives. Thank you for being a sensible voice.”

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