Coronation Street: Nicola discovers the dark truth about her dad

Until now he's done a good job of convincing her he's Mr. Nice Guy

We all know that Phelan is a murderer and all-round psychopath.

But daughter Nicola is still blissfully unaware of his dark side.

He’s put on a great charm offensive to try and convince her what a stand-out guy he is.

Will Phelan’s charm mask slip? (Credit: ITV)

And the only inkling that he may have a sting in his tail so far has been her catching him having a go at Seb.

That’s all about to change as Nicola tells Yasmeen about her plans to work with Phelan on a philanthropic new work project.

Yasmeen is quick to scoff and warn the young woman, filling her in on her father’s flats development scam with Vinny.

He just about managed to claw his way out of it at the time, claiming he too was swindled by his so-called friend.

Nicola confronts him and he obviously tries to clear his name. But will she through it and start to dig deeper into who the real man behind the mask is?

Meanwhile, villainous Vinny is set to return – and put another spanner in the works for Phelan cleaning up his act.

Vinny is back, but he might regret returning (Credit: ITV)

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A source told The Sun Online: “Phelan has been looking for Vinny ever since he ran off with all the money and he’s determined to get revenge.

“Pat’s life spiralled out of control after Vinny left with all the money they had both stolen so he blames him for everything bad that has happened since.

“If it wasn’t for Vinny then Michael wouldn’t have gone snooping and died, and Andy wouldn’t have had such a vendetta against Phelan.”

Michael was determined to expose Phelan before he died (Credit: ITV)

Viewers found out last week that Phelan has been keeping Andy Carver hostage in a derelict house. We’d previously believed the nasty builder had killed him by hitting him over the head with a laptop.

The source continued: “In Phelan’s mind Andy being in his basement is all Vinny’s fault so his return comes at the perfect time for him to get rid of Andy and to get revenge on Vinny.

“Vinny’s return won’t be what viewers expect and it will give Phelan the chance to solve all his problems in one fell swoop.”

The website reveals Ian is back filming already for the block of episodes, although Coronation Street have refused to confirm or deny the rumours.

No one, especially not Eileen, will be pleased to see Vinny (Credit: ITV)

Scheming Pat’s already pinned the entire property scam on his former partner-in-crime, so what if he could pin Andy’s kidnapping on him too?

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