Nick Knowles slams rumours surrounding his love life

He's been divorced twice

After Nick Knowles was seen out and about with TOWIE beauty Pascal Craymer rumours swirled that the two were an item.

But Nick has now opened up about his dating life, and addressed those Pascal rumours once and for all.

He insisted he is not in a relationship with Pascal!

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He told The Sun’s Bizarre column: “This week I’ve been out four times for dinner, three times with women, and I got photographed once.

“I only need to be photographed having dinner with somebody and I’m dating them, which is a bit harsh.”

He did say that he thought Pascal was a “nice girl” and that they had met “through a friend”.

He explained: “Actually she’s a very nice girl but I think the thing is the Towie thing doesn’t do you any favours in terms of how people perceive and then when you’re in that thing people try and dress you up a certain way.

“But people forget she was in the British Olympic gymnastics team for like ten years.

“She was two weeks’ short of doing the Olympics when she broke her leg just before the Olympics.

“That’s an amazing story so whatever the last thing you’ve done people go oh that’s you and that’s it.

“I know her through a friend it was very nice you know but if I get photographed with somebody it doesn’t mean we’re dating.”

He also revealed that at the moment he is working too hard to focus on a relationship – despite other recent speculation about actress Olivia Hallinan – and his kids are his priority.

When asked if he’s currently looking for the new love of his life he said: “Not really I don’t think I’ve ever gone and looked for a relationship.

“I have a huge amount of work to do in the various different things I do.

“I will always have a massive commitment to all of my children. I’ve got four children.

“My youngest is only three, he is absolutely the most important thing in my life at the moment.”

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Nick, 55, has been divorced twice. After getting married in the 1990s he divorced, and then married his second wife Jessica Rose Moor in 2012.

They divorced in 2015 and he has since dated a few people including Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten.

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