Nick Knowles moves back in with wife after fling with Gemma Oaten

Couple broke up 11 months ago

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We do love a happy ending, and it appears that DIY SOS host Nick Knowles and his estranged wife Jessica may have found theirs.

The couple separated 11 months ago, but now it seems that Nick has moved back into the marital home.

The presenter was spotted moving belongings back into the marital home.

Jessica, 28, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July.

She said at the time: “After a brief period of being unwell I was unfortunately diagnosed, this week, with cervical cancer.”

“Following on from a difficult year it has forced me to put a lot of things into perspective and really brought to light what matters; my health and Eddie.

“I am going to use this time to focus solely on my health and use all spare energy to make sure Eddie’s home life remains as happy and normal as positive.”

“I have been so overwhelmed with love from friends and family and am a huge believer in ‘things happening for a reason’ and this will undoubtedly be a huge time of learning for me.

“Mostly I’m grateful and feeling incredibly lucky that it has been caught early and we are hopeful I can be treated with surgery,” she added.

A month later her surgery was deemed a success, and she was confirmed cancer-free by her doctors.

Nick ended their marriage in January, something Jessica said had “blindsided” her.

She added: “Nick and I were spending so little time together and the times we were together, we were arguing a lot. But I thought we could fix it. I thought we could get back to what we had before.

“But Nick works so incredibly hard. That, coupled with the fact that we weren’t getting on, I think led him to believe he was truly making the best decision for the family.

“Nick is the most wonderful father to Eddie and they adore one another,” she added. “His face completely lights up whenever he sees Nick.”

In a statement, he said: “It is with sadness that we announce we are separating. Our focus continues to be the happiness of our son Eddie.”

Back in September, Nick was rumoured to be dating Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten after they were seen cosying up after the TV Choice Awards.

It was to be a very short-lived affair, with Gemma growing upset after Nick dumped her following a romantic date in Edinburgh.

The whole thing was played out in public and made everyone feel a little uncomfortable.