Nick Knowles in fear of losing his job on DIY SOS

The star fronts the BBC show

DIY SOS: The Big Build star Nick Knowles has opened about his fears of losing his job after revealing the hit show could be axed from BBC.

The 54-year-old admitted the show is at “breaking point” due to high costs and staff shortages.

And despite the show’s popularity with nine million viewers tuning in, it could be coming to an end.

Nick fears the BBC will be axed and therefore he could lose his job (Credit: IDS)

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The star said: “We have another six to do at the end of this year and that might be the end of it then.”

Speaking about how the BBC “don’t have the funds” for the show Nick said: “There is no more money available. It becomes more and more difficult to do. There’s less and less staff.

“We have to do so many hours outside of what the BBC will allow us.

“Everyone is knackered at the end of it and we haven’t been told about a recommission for the next series.”

The BBC show is a huge hit with viewers (Credit: BBC)

Since its first episode back in 1999 the show have built more than £15 million of homes.

Just a few months ago the DIY SOS team completed a £180K makeover for a young man, Ryan, who has spent the past five years living in hospital and was returning to his family home.

Nick and Ryan’s dad Dave were reduced to tears as the 24-year-old saw his new home for the first time.

Speaking to the Bristol Post Dave said: “Every room is absolutely amazing. We are amazed what they have managed to do in just nine days with those house.

“We went into the garden and we sat in the garden and we could go straight through to our front door and the only way I could recognise it was my home is by the walls of the next door neighbours’ houses.”

The DIY SOS team have built more than £15 million of homes (Credit: BBC)

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In other news Nick previously revealed he needed counselling from his brother following the split from his wife Jessica.

The TV personality split from his wife of four years last year shortly after Jess revealed she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Speaking about the emotional time Nick told the Mirror: “I did really go through it emotionally. Jess was really, really unwell.

The TV star opened up about his split from his wife of four years (Credit: IDS)

“All those things are hugely difficult but I always had people to talk to who are close to me.”

He added: “When I come under extreme stress, I spent time with my older brother John, who has had counselling training.

“I feel very lucky to have the support of my family.”

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