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Nick Knowles blasted for comments about women’s ‘time of the month’

Viewers were livid over his dismissive opinion

After being filmed 24 hours a day for nearly two weeks on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, it looks like Nick Knowles has forgotten that everything he says gets scrutinised.

The DIY SOS presenter has been blasted as “sexist” by viewers watching Wednesday night’s show after he dismissed his female campmates complaints because they’re on their periods.

nick knowles i'm a celeb john barrowman
Nick blamed camp tension on Rita’s PMT (Credit: ITV)

It followed a slightly tense moment where EastEnders’ actress Rita Simons asked John Barrowman to cook a little more rice for their dinner.

Nick, 56, who has previously been accused of being “patronising” leaned over to the Doctor Who star and told him quietly: “Remember the girls are going to be a little jumpier, because of… what time of the month, you know, they told us.”

nick knowles i'm a celeb john barrowman
Nick is currently camp leader (credit: ITV)

John, 51, replied: “That’s why I just go quiet.”

The TV star added: “I think we’re going to have a couple of days of that with the girls.”

Many were furious, with one tweeting: “Nick Knowles may just have undone all his good work with that time of the month comment 😡 #imaceleb.”

i'm a celeb
Rita and John clashed slightly over rice (credit: ITV)

A second added: “Why tf is Nick Knowles blaming a girl having a different opinion to him on her time of the month #imaceleb.”

A third blasted: “Omg Nick Knowles saying the girls are gonna be touchy cause it’s their time of the month… wow. 😤 #ImACeleb.”

While another complained: “Was really starting to like Nick Knowles until his sexist/misogynistic comment about the ‘time of the month’. Nope just shut it. And Anne was sitting right there and didn’t say anything???? #imacelebrity.”

rita simons i'm a celeb
Rita just wanted a little more rice after starvation rations (Credit: ITV)

Several labelled him “patronising” and “sexist,” as one more explained why women get upset, saying: “Men: When a woman speaks out about something she is unhappy about, do NOT brush it off or dismiss it as ‘time of the month’ – having a period does not invalidate our argument or feelings. Nick Knowles take heed. 🙄 #imaceleb.”

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Others saw the funny side, with one tweeting: “I just love Nick Knowles justifying the girls’ behaviour by explaining to John Barrowman in all seriousness it’s because it’s the time of the month haha. This guy knows 🤣 #ImACeleb.”

i'm a celeb
The campmates are getting grumpier (credit: ITV)

Another wrote: “Hahahaha John Barrowman and Nick Knowles talking about the girls being tetchy because of ‘what time of the month it is’ 😂😂😂 #imacelebrity @imacelebrity.”

A third added: “Yo why people saying Nick Knowles’ comment about periods is sexist? We all get extra cranky at that time of the month lmao.

i'm a celeb holly dec
Meanwhile, presenters Holly and Phil are living in luxury… (credit: ITV)

“He’s not having a go, he’s just saying don’t [bleep] ‘em off, lmao.”

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There are some things you just don’t say. And when you’re on a reality show broadcasting to millions, you REALLY don’t say it…

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