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Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis praised for “TV gold” moment during Brexit coverage

She was trending on Twitter!

Newsnight anchor Emily Maitlis bought some unexpected light relief to this week’s bothersome Brexit vote, when she won fans over with a gesture that seemed to capture the mood of the nation.

Unbeknown to Emily last night (Tuesday March 12), BBC viewers hailed her the hero of the hour and announced her interview with leading MPs as “TV gold”.

In fact, Emily’s name was still trending on Twitter hours later!

Newsnight Emily Maitlis eye roll
Emily rocks (Credit: BBC)

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Emily’s exasperated ‘side-eye’ during the coverage was noticed by weary news fans, who applauded her for being “99.9% of the UK population’s spirit animal”.

During a tense evening in politics, Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted against by a majority of 149 and up for discussion during Newsnight.

Appearing on Emily’s show was Barry Gardiner, Labour’s shadow secretary for international trade and it was Barry who was on the receiving end of the host’s frustrated eye-roll.

Emily Maitlis Newsnight
Don’t ever get on the wrong side of Emily! (Credit: BBC)

Asked about Labour’s Brexit stance ahead of a possible general election, Emily asked: “If there is a general election called, which there is every likelihood could happen, what will be on your manifesto?

“What Brexit vision will be on your manifesto then?”

When he replied “to negotiate the deal that we have set out”, Emily pressed him further by saying: “That’s going to be on the leaflet?”

And he responded by saying: “We will decide what our manifesto position is as we normally do…”

Emily Maitlis Newsnight
Emily has a new fan following (Credit: BBC)

Emily was clearly having none of Barry’s answer when she sighed, shuffled her notes, and gave a seriously fed-up look to camera.

And fans who seemed to be as irritated as Emily flocked to Twitter to applaud her actions.

One said: “TV gold, here, from Emily Maitlis, who illustrates what must be a common reaction when Barry Gardiner opens his mouth.”

Another said: “Maitlis side eye has knocked the planet off orbit.”

A third added: “Newsnight is electric tonight. Emily Maitlis skewering both Nadhim Zahawi and the even more oleaginous Barry Gardiner.

“She’s calling both Tories and Labour out as chaotic and without leadership. Fantastic @maitlis! You’re one of the only BBC people who does this.”

Dame Emily Maitlis? We think it has a nice ring to it…

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