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New Year’s Eve celebrations: 5 tips on how to have the best time at home

You can still have a New Year's Eve to remember (or not remember!)

The traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations should be just around the corner but it is set to be very different for millions of Brits this year.

As most of us remain under strict tiers, it may seem like celebrating properly is near impossible.

While a night out at your local pub or club may be cancelled this year, there’s no reason why you can’t still have a fantastic New Year’s Eve.

Here are some ideas to make sure you have fantastic New Year’s Eve celebrations this year…

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1. Get Back on Zoom

Let’s face it, a lot of us are Zoomed out by now. But for New Year’s Eve, it may just be worth relighting your passion for the video chat service. Why not organise a Zoom chat with your pals and family on the big night? Even if it is just sharing a New Year’s toast and a quick chinwag, this could brighten up what could otherwise be a rather solitary affair this year for many.

2. Order in

new year's eve food
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Although many restaurants have been forced to close to customers – so many are still delivering food.

Why not order in advance a slap-up meal to enjoy from the comfort of your home? You could even go all out and order from a top tier restaurant. You won’t be spending a small fortune down the pub this year after all!

3. Stream

We may not be able to go to New Year’s Eve concerts this time around but some top artists are performing live from around the world on December 31. You will be able to stream many of them from the safety of your home. Look up your favourite musical artists to see if they are performing – and book your streaming slot while you still can! And let’s not forget so many movie studios are now exclusively releasing the latest flicks by streaming service now. So you could always have a big move night in this year.

4. Play games

new year's eve games
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The good thing about games in 2020 is that so many can be played virtually. Whether you’re a video gamer, board gamer or old school parlour gamer – there’s likely an app that fits your desire. You could set up a time to play your favourite game virtually with those away from home – or with your housemates and/or family.

5. Reflect and plan

Yes 2020 has been bad for s0 many of us – and very bad for others. But we’ve all learned a thing or two about perseverance and positive thinking this year.

Take some time to reflect on this tough past twelve months and all that you’ve achieved. And the next step is of course to plan for the new year.

Whether you’re an avid resolution setter or simply like to plan ahead, write down where you hope to be in 12 months’ time.

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