Former X Factor winner admits he told Dermot porkies at audition

And we all fell for it!!

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The X Factor’s been getting a bit of a bashing of late but now another star of the series has revealed that not everything on screen is real.

Matt Cardle, who won the series back in 2010, has revealed that when he shuffled out on to the audition stage for the first time, he actually stretched the truth about what he actually did as a job.

At the time the cap-wearing wannabe told host Dermot: “I’ve been working as a painter for a couple of years now – it’s boring and monotonous and I hate it to be honest. I keep myself going by singing.

“This opportunity would mean the end of magnolia all over my face and hands, the end of brushes, the end of hotel rooms and the break I need.”

But now six years on, Matt says not all that came out of his gob that day was the truth.

“The painting and decorating story wasn’t entirely true,” Matt told Digital Spy. “I was doing anything for cash when I auditioned for that show but that sounded the best!’

In spite of telling porkies, or should we say stretching the truth, Matt says that X Factor still has a place in his heart!

“I will be eternally grateful to The X Factor,” he said.Simon and I catch up when we see each other so everything is cool there. Hopefully they’ll consider supporting me with my fourth album.”

While Matt is about to unleash his exciting new album, Matt is also set to appear as part of Broadway on Stage in November. “Theatre is very new for me so to be asked to take part was a great honour.

“I’m really looking forward to these two shows because I’ll be singing with The Novello Orchestra, that isn’t an every day experience for me. The line-up is incredible so it will be an amazing night in both Cardiff and London.”

Broadway On Stage can be seen at Wales Millennium Centre (November 16) and London Palladium (November 17).

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