New mum Amy Childs receives criticism for latest Instagram video

She was trying to give advice

TOWIE star Amy Childs gave birth to her little bundle of joy in April and has since posted several tips online for other new mums.

They’ve received some praise and some bashing, but her latest video has been slammed by her followers.

Amy is mum to her baby daughter Polly (Credit: Instagram)

In a video she posted on Instagram earlier today she shows other mums what she takes in her changing bag when she’s going out with her baby.

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Other mums will understand how hard it is to make sure everything is packed, you’ve got to have enough nappies and spare babygrows etc.

But what about food for the little one?

When Amy, 27, was showing the world what was in her designer changing bag she left out vital items like food and milk, which led to a lot of criticism.

Many people weren’t impressed by her designer bag either, and commented on her video with scathing words.

One viewer commented: “Anything else like baby powder milk, snacks, little toy and things?”

Another said: “I’ve got an 8 year old and a 4 year old and didn’t need people pulling nappies and wipes out of an Armani bag to show me how to do it! Jesus, it’s comical.”

A third said: “Thank god for this post! Otherwise new mums will forget that they need to feed and change their newborn child!”

The video received 71,000 views in six hours, so clearly lots of people were paying attention to what Amy had to say.

Amy doesn’t always receive criticism though and she recently got a lot of praise for posting a picture of her post-baby figure in gymwear.

Credit: Instagram
Amy was praised for showing off her body (Credit: Instagram)

The picture shows Amy about to head off to the gym, dressed in leggings and a sports bra, revealing her midriff. She wrote a lengthy caption to go with the image, talking about body image.

She said: “After 4 months of having polly I am now starting back at the gym! As a new mum it’s very hard getting back Into a routine as being a mummy is a full time job and also for me having my businesses and also a single parent doing it by yourself is difficult!

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“I can see such a difference in my body and trying to lose weight it is harder, I no I’m going to have the mum police on me for sharing this post and say ‘you have just had a baby ‘ but going to the gym I feel amazing and new mums out there you need time sometimes just for you even if it’s not the gym just having time by yourself!

Polly is too cute! (Credit: Instagram)

“I can’t wait to get back to the gym today, it’s going to be hard but im ready for the challenge!! [sic]”

She continued: “There isn’t no pressure for me to be the size I was again (even though I don’t want to lose much but I do need to tone) but girls I love the gym and I love feeling good about myself!

“Not only is it good for my body it’s so good for my mind also.

“Any new mummies back at the gym after having your babies? Yes girls it’s hard but we can do this.”

Go Amy!

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