Emmerdale: New love triangle delights viewers!

As the former couple enjoyed a passionate kiss, could this be setting up a new love triangle?

Emmerdale fans were over the moon last night, after watching two of their favourites reunite for a sizzling snog.

As Moira pounced on Cain for a passionate kiss in the kitchen, viewers were sharing their joy all over Twitter that their beloved ‘Coira’ could be back on.

Ignoring the fact that Cain (Jeff Dingle) is currently dating vicar Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton), they were thrilled to see him back in Moira’s arms.

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Harriet was less than thrilled though, when she later saw the couple together. Overhearing their argument, we’ll have to wait and see if the vicar has twigged what’s going on.

The love triangle was set in motion when Moira (Natalie J Robb) got her hair caught in the waste disposal unit at the farm and he came to her rescue.

Not exactly a knight in shining armour, more like a filthy mechanic with a spanner, but it was enough for Moira to realise what she’d been missing.

As they sat laughing together at the kitchen table, she made her move and planted a passionate smacker on an unsuspecting Cain – who wasn’t complaining.

“Yassssss Moira & Cain!!!” said one fan. “Please please please let this be the star of them rekindling! #mademynight!”

Others added “Coira amazing chemistry. No doubt they belong together!” and “The magic is still there! #Coiraforever”

It was clear this was what they’d been waiting for, with tweets like: “It’s about time these two got back together. It would make me and a lot of other fans very very happy” and “They’re perfect for each other! Get rid of the vicar!”

Later when the two met up again, Cain wanted to know what was going on, telling Moira: “You can see I’m trying to move on. You made it crystal clear that we were done.”
But she responded emotionally: “Do you think I’d still be this angry if I didn’t still love you? Do you think I’d be that dense?”

Unbeknownst to them, Harriet was hidden out of sight but appeared to hear every word.

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And while fans might have been eager for the pair to get back together ever since they split, some were sympathetic towards poor Harriet’s plight.

“I really like Harriet and want her to find love, but Cain and Moira belong together” tweeted one fan.

While another said: “Harriet deserves to be let down respectfully, no cheating” and one added: “Go Moira!! Although Harriet is nice I prefer Cain and Moira as a couple.”