Coronation Street: New love for Eva this Christmas!

There could be some kissing under the mistletoe...

There could be love on the cards for two Weatherfield favourites, as rumours fly about a Christmas storyline.

Eva Price and Adam Barlow have been dancing around each other for a while, after teaming up for a revenge plot on her former fiancé Aidan Connor.

The bubbly barmaid has been single ever since her wedding day went disastrously wrong and Aidan found out about her fake pregnancy and the plot to destroy Underworld.

Adam admitted he had developed genuine feelings for her and they did spend one night together, before she told him she didn’t want things to go any further.

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But now it looks like she might be about to change her mind.

Pals Billy and Todd will attempt to play Cupid, inviting the pair round for dinner.

And then, when Adam and Eva end up working together on Christmas celebrations at the Community Centre, it looks like things might really start heating up.

Speaking to Soaplife magazine, Corrie’s producer Kate Oates said: “Adam’s been a player with the ladies in the past, but he does have genuine feelings for Eva.

“Eva’s been so traumatised by what’s happened to her over the past year that, for once, she hasn’t been thinking about moving on to the next man straight away – as she always has done before.”

Samuel Robertson, who plays Adam, is definitely behind the idea of the pair getting together.

He previously told Digital Spy he thinks Adam and Eva could make a great new Corrie couple.

“Cath is great to work with. I’ve watched the scenes we have done and I think the chemistry is there between them,” he said.

“People care about Eva and hopefully will see that Adam does care for her.”

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Coronation Street is on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.