New EastEnders murder mystery: who killed Dave?

Dot's kitty is no more - but who did it?

There’s devastating news in store for EastEnders’ Dot Branning – her beloved cat, Dave, is dead.

He’s been missing for a few days and now Robbie Jackson has found him in a bin – and he wasn’t happily scrounging for food. Chances are Dave didn’t die naturally if he’s ended up in there, so just what did happen to him?

Dave was in a fair bit of trouble a few weeks ago when Dot tripped over him and ended up with a severe hip injury which has left her hospitalised and bedridden.

Dave was responsible for Dot’s fall – who said cats weren’t evil? (Credit: BBC)

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Sonia Fowler returned just in time to save Dot and get her the treatment she needed and now Son, and her brother Robbie, are going to move in with Dot to make sure she always has someone around her.

But as Dot lies in hospital, causing all sorts of problems for the staff, refusing physio and help of any sort and just insisting she wants to go home immediately, the only thing she is concerned about is her beloved moggy.

“I just want Dave”, sorry Dot, you’ll have to make do with Sonia and Robbie (Credit: BBC)

Only thing is, until last night, no one had any idea where the kitty was. Before she left to go to Bex’s school and then visit Dot, Sonia’s parting words to Robbie were that he absolutely had to find that cat.

Sonia wasn’t joking when she told him to find the cat (Credit: BBC)

Robbie did as he was told and spent the day putting cat food all over the market to try and entice Dave back home. But he still couldn’t find him.

That is until he came across the road sweeper’s bin, opened the lid and said: “Oh no.”

Oh dear, is Dave dead? (Credit: BBC)

He then called Sonia and told her he’d found Dave.

“That’s brilliant,” she said. But Rob shook his head before opening the bin and showing Sonia Dave’s body, accompanied by some lovely swarming fly sound effects. Nice.

Robbie had to break the news to Sonia, but who’s going to tell Dot? (Credit: BBC)

Sonia’s face said it all, poor Dave.

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But – would he really have climbed in the road sweeper’s bin to die? Surely he was put in there?

Did the sweeper find his body and bin him? Or did the litter collector run him over and try to hide the evidence?

Has Dave been poisoned by Dot’s rum cake? That was what she was making when Dave tripped her up and the cake went flying – perhaps he ate the lot and the alcohol was too much for his little tummy? How awful would it be if Dot had inadvertently killed her own cat?

Something must have happened to him, he was perfectly healthy the last we saw, so we’re confident he wouldn’t have just died without warning.

Who did it? Who killed Dave?

Of course, there’s always the possibility it isn’t even Dave – Robbie didn’t know the cat that well, could he have mistaken it for another deceased feline?

Coming so soon after the news Wellard II has died off-screen, what do EastEnders have against pets at the moment?!