New drugs shock for Emmerdale Rhona

Her tormentor's not letting up

Emmerdale viewers have been horrified as Rhona Goskirk tries to battle through her ordeal at the hands of husband Pierce Harris.

At first she turned to painkillers to block out the trauma of being raped by him on their wedding night, but managed to kick her addiction with a stint in rehab.

But in tonight’s episode, when empty pill packets are found at her house, has she turned back to them to cope with the latest Pierce is throwing at her?

Rhona’s horrified to find empty pill packets (Credit: ITV)

Well, that’s what her stalker wants everyone to think, but in fact, it’s a great big set up.

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Viewers discovered earlier this week that it wasn’t actually Pierce tormenting Rhona, but his mum, Martha.

It was incredibly confusing as we have no idea why she’s doing it. We thought she would be on Rhona’s side, after all, she seemed to know exactly what her son was like.

One theory is that Martha might be doing this to set Pierce up, but who knows at this stage?

Rhona was left terrified when, after an exhausting day facing the rest of the village, she went home to run herself a bath.

Like something out of I Know What You Did Last Summer, the vet was horrified when she saw an eerie message written in the steam on the mirror.

And tonight, Rhona’s ordeal is set to continue as the next morning she comes down to find the door open and empty packets of pills on the table.

An anxious Rhona runs outside when she can’t find Leo, who’s wandered out on his own, but Marlon and Paddy clock her with the empty packets in her hands.

Will Marlon and Paddy believe Rhona? (Credit: ITV)

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They assume she’s back on the painkillers, even though Rhona protests her innocence.

But will they believe her?

Given that next week’s advance spoilers reveal that Rhona knows who is stalking her by then, we’re guessing that tonight’s the night it’s all going to come spilling out.

Will Rhona catch Martha in the act?