Why you should NEVER swing a small child by their arms!

It's something that EVERY parent does though

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One of the thrills of childhood has been slammed for being a real danger to the development of a youngster.

Kids love to be taken by their arms, with their parents holding one each, before being swung back and forth.

There has now been a warning that this could actually do real harm to the young ones.

This is because a child’s joints are not fully developed and their ligaments are looser.

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This could lead to the radius bone in the arm being pulled out of joint.

The injury is know as Nursemaid’s Elbow or Toddler’s Elbow and it is most common in children up to the age of five.

It can occur when the arm is yanked, so it could even happen if you were to pull a child’s arm through sleeves when getting them dressed.

If the arm was to come out of joint, it can be treated by putting the bone back in place but this can be extremely painful.

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The pain will subside quickly once the bone is back in joint but it does when that the child will be susceptible to it happening again.

Doctors have warned that the next time that a child asks for some swinging action, taking them to a playground to use proper swings would be far safer.

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