Netflix’s ‘secret’ codes to unlock loads of hidden TV shows and films

Discover new programmes to watch with this simple approach

A vast list of codes to unlock heaps of concealed programming on Netflix has been unveiled.

As much as everyone loves the video on demand streaming service, scrolling through the huge selection of TV series and films available can be a complete time sink.

Plus, while the huge array of films should ensure viewers have something new to watch for years to come, popular genre categories can become a little exhausted after a good while.

But thanks to these codes, browsing time can be swiftly reduced, ensuring the ‘chill’ in ‘Netflix and chill’ is not delayed.

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Viewers must have a decent idea of the kind of programming they want to watch, though.

That’s because some of these collections – with categories like ‘Scary Foreign Movies from the 1980s’, ‘Gritty Gay & Lesbian Dramas’ and ‘Goofy Coming-of-age Movies’ – can get incredibly niche.

However, the beauty of these super-specific offerings is how very likely it is Netflix subscribers may stumble upon something fresh to watch.

After all, Stranger Things was superb – but after the fifth mind-melting binge watch, it can feel as if we’ve passed into the Upside Down ourselves.

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Looks like the Dyers enjoy a spot of Stranger Things, too (Credit: Instagram @danidyerxx)

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All that users need to do to access the hidden troves of viewing treasure is add the relevant code to the end of Netflix’s website URL search page.

Simply type in ‘‘ with the code of the collection you wish to peruse placed at the end.

And that’s pretty much it!

The immense catalogue of Netflix collections can be found by clicking here.

But which one will you browse through first?

Does ‘Satires starring Leslie Nielsen (332)’ catch your eye?

Maybe ‘Quirky Comic Book and Superhero Movies (4047)’ takes your fancy?

Or possible ‘Irreverent Independent Showbiz Comedies (2633)’ will become your new go-to starting point for Netflix?

There’s plenty on offer… Enjoy!

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