Neighbours SPOILER: Toadie’s ‘DEAD’ wife shows up!

Toadie's supposedly deceased wife is back - that's not weird at all.

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It’s a given in Soapland that no one’s ever really dead and an old face can be brought back at any time, and Neighbours has a great track record of resurrection. The latest name to add to the list is Toadie’s wife Dee Bliss.

Her miraculous return leaves fan favourite Toadie in a complete state as he’s stuck between his first wife and his current spouse Sonya, but which woman will he choose?

Actress Madeleine West agreed to reprise her role last year, but speculation is rife as to whether she really is Dee Bliss.

Viewers will remember Dee died on her wedding day to Toadie in 2003 when he accidentally drove the car off the edge of a cliff.

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But Dee’s body was never found and despite Toadie moving on and remarrying and having kids with Sonya, Dee’s ‘death’ has never quite left him.

So when she turns up on his doorstep, looking really rather well for a dead woman, Toad’s understandably stunned.

The lawyer had had his first hint that Dee wasn’t dead when his brother Stonie showed him a picture of a woman who looked like her just before Christmas. But he’d been reasonable and tried to pretend it was just a coincidence.

However, it looks like it wasn’t when Dee knocks on his door.

A stunned Toadie invites her in and listens to a pretty far-fetched tale about how she survived the car accident and has had amnesia (convenient) for the last 13 years.

Toadie’s eventually taken in by her story, but Sonya’s not convinced and is sure Dee’s up to something – if she’s even Dee at all.

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It also seems Dee’s fallen on hard times and wants Toadie to help her get back on her feet… hmm, sounds like Sonya’s right to be worried to us.

Local copper Mark is immediately on Sonya’s side and starts to investigate Dee’s claims. But what will he find out?

And will anyone be able to convince Toadie this isn’t all it seems to be?

It’s not the first time the Aussie soap has brought someone back from the dead with Harold returning in similar circumstances, claiming he’d been suffering from amnesia after being swept away to sea.

And Harold’s wife, Madge, also returned from the dead, but only in ghost form.