Neighbours SPOILER: The TRUTH about Toadie’s ‘dead’ wife revealed

Is Dee real or fake? The mystery's been solved...

Neighbours has revealed a massive plot twist in the comeback of Toadie’s dead wife, Dee Bliss.

Is she REALLY who she says she is?

When Toadie Rebecchi’s supposedly deceased wife turned up on Ramsay Street out of the blue last month, we had a sneaking suspicion all wasn’t as it seemed.

Her story, about having been rescued after the car went over the cliff on her wedding day to Toadie 13 years ago and subsequently suffering amnesia, seemed plausible enough – after all, it had happened to Harold Bishop before.

So we went along with it, much like Toadie did. But his current wife, Sonya, still had her suspicions.

She’s a canny one, that Sonya.

They did DNA tests, but that conclusively proved Dee was who she said she was – the long-missing Dee Bliss. Case closed, right?

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Wrong, because in a shock twist, we’ve discovered Dee isn’t Dee at all – she’s imposter Andrea Somers!

She’s scamming Toadie to get her hands on the Bliss family estate and had managed to fake those DNA tests.

But wait, what about Toadie’s daughter, Willow? ‘Dee’ has so far been telling Toadie she was pregnant when she went off that cliff and the lawyer’s stunned to find he has another child.

As the pair spent their first afternoon together, all became clear when Willow went home to her mum and said: “It was bad enough faking your DNA.

“Now you’re lying and making him think he has a teenage daughter. And using Nell like that?”

In fact, Willow is two years older than ‘Dee’ and is claiming and isn’t Toadie’s offspring at all.

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Dee – or Andrea (this is getting confusing!) had taken a toy round to the Rebecchi’s when she took the paternity test over and used it to distract little Nell, Toadie’s actual daughter, before taking a sample off her and switching it with Willow’s – cunning.

So fake Dee has been planning to do a runner once she has the cash all along.

Will Sonya’s suspicions blow Andrea’s plan before she has chance to get away with it?

And how will Toadie react when he finds out?