Neighbours set to be axed from Channel 5!

It could disappear from UK TV completely

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Hands up if you didn’t grow up watching Neighbours?

The hours we lost as kids tuning into the dramatic antics of Scott and Charlene, Plain Jane and Mike… Gail and Paul!

We were so obsessed sometimes we’d watch the lunchtime episode as well as the teatime regular during the summer holidays.

(At least we had some guaranteed sun in our lives, then!)

The Aussie soap’s popularity has dwindled since then – although it does still have a loyal following on Channel 5.

And even if you don’t tune in anymore, the show is sure to hold a special place in your heart – Ramsay Street was part of our growing up, after all.

So, it’ll no doubt be a little upsetting to hear that the soap is now facing the axe from UK TV.

(A bit liked discovering your childhood home is being bulldozed… Too much?)

Apparently talks between Channel 5 and the show’s makers Freemantle have broken down as they fail to agree on new terms.

If both parties can’t reach a compromise, then the future of Neighbours for British audiences looks very uncertain.

Another channel could, in theory, buy it. But which is likely to?

Each of our main terrestrial channels has enough on their plates keeping the viewing figures of their resident soaps buoyant.

And if Neighbours disappears into the digital ether, it’s as good as lost to many viewers for good.

No more Dr Carl Kennedy. Imagine that for a second. It just doesn’t bear thinking about, frankly…

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