Neighbours INCEST shock for Paul Robinson

How many kids does he have now?

Neighbours Paul Robinson has delivered a shocking blow to his daughter Amy – she’s been getting intimate with her brother.

It was dramatically revealed Paul Robinson is the Tanaka twins father this week, but Amy had no idea she’d been dating her sibling.

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Ever since Leo and David arrived in Erinsborough they’ve been on the hunt for their father.

Their mother, Kim, had been a bit sketchy on the details of their dad and it turned out had told them a series of lies about her history that was leading their search down the garden path.

When David discovered she had in fact gone to Erinsborough High and not Eden Hills Grammar as she’d claimed, and that she’d attended the formal with Scott Robinson, he decided Scott must be his real dad.

The iconic Jason Donovan character is Paul’s brother, so that would have made Amy the twins’ cousin.

Amy has been growing closer to Leo in recent weeks, and she was hoping they would take the next step in their relationship on a night away together.

But when David told Paul and Kim that the pair were falling for each other and planned to be together that night, Paul realised they had to get there and stop them before they got too close.

As he and Kim burst into the hotel room, he said:

“We have to talk to you. He is your brother. I am your father.”

Major shocker!

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In fairness to Paul, he’d only found out the truth himself a couple of days before when he saw Kim arrive in town and he put two and two together. And Amy doesn’t blame him either, but she’s still devastated that she’s fallen for the wrong guy again.

So what now for Amy and Leo? Speaking to Tenplay, actress Zoe Crammond, who plays Amy said:

“It’s probably the worst news you could ever hear after dating someone.

“It was just so awkward, horrible, mortifying. Very weird! She has nightmares. Now everyone she meets will need to get a DNA test, just to make sure they aren’t related.

“It’s going to be hard, I’m not sure how you get past something like that? But they do manage to eventually get on but there will be many ups and downs along the way.”

It’s going to be a long old road for the family as they try to find their feet. But we hope Amy can find happiness elsewhere.