Neighbours favourite Susan Kennedy faces a fresh health scare

They've had such a tough time

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We all watch soaps so often that occasionally we start to care about the characters more than the people in our real lives.

So fans of Neighbours, prepare yourself for a tough week, as one of your favourite Ramsay Street regular faces a rather terrifying health scare.

In the next few days, Susan Kennedy will suffer a rather nasty fall at work and is scared when she finds it hard to get up.

Could this have something to do with Susan’s ongoing MS?

Susan Kennedy takes a tumble and she’s worried her MS symptoms could resurfacing (Credit: C5)

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Over the past few weeks symptoms have begun to resurface and her medic husband Karl has been worried that she could be heading for a major relapse.

Concerned Karl tells his wife that she needs to take it easy and relax.

But being Susan, she can’t help but get involved in all the dramas at Erinsborough High.

And what a tough time it’s been at school for Susan of late.

Not only has she been caught up in trying to sort out all the bad stuff Finn Kelly has been up to, she has also had to deal with troubled Xanthe Canning who, after a drug scandal, has stormed out of school in tears on her first day back.

So it’s hardly a surprise that the stress Susan is undergoing could make her feel like she’s really under pressure.

And so with so much on her mind, Susan trips over in the play ground and finds it hard to pushher self off the ground unassisted.

When Susan finds it hard to get up, her grandson Ben comes to the rescue (Credit: C5)

Luckily her grandson Ben Kirk is on hand to help her out, but it’s obvious that there is something wrong and that Susan needs to take some time out.

But in the wake of this shock, defiant Susan feels she has to put on a front.

She is worried that her MS could threaten her role at the school.

Susan is scared that the school board will find out about her health and sack her, but she knows she needs time off (Credit: C5)

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But eventually she sees sense and <SPOILER> Susan reluctantly agrees to leave her niece Elly Conway in charge as Acting Principal while she takes a break.

But the drama doesn’t look like it’s going to end there.

Will Elly be able to cope with her new responsible role or will something go wrong that will land them all in hot water?