National Lottery glitch sees winning tickets deleted

Punters have been urged to check whether their ticket has been affected

A glitch with the National Lottery app has caused winning tickets to have been deleted from the system.

A ‘technical fault’ has seen Camelot’s system inform customers that their tickets are losers, even though they may have been winners.

It seems that the fault is with the National Lottery app as when it scans the ticket, it has been informing punters that they haven’t won.

One particular businessman from Manchester has claimed that he’s thrown away 16 tickets over recent weeks because the app said they were not winners.

He has claimed that Camelot sent a message via the app, informing players that they may have been wrongly told that they hadn’t won.

This has led to National Lottery posting a message on the their website.

They have apologised for the the error after admitting that some people may have received ‘an incorrect non-winning message’.

Manchester Evening News has reported that Camelot are working to fix the problem.

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The winning punter, who didn’t want to be named, told Manchester Evening News: “People could have trusted technology and thrown away an absolute fortune.

“All the tickets have the barcode to be scanned on the back by your smart phone.

“I have bought 16 tickets this way over the last few weeks for myself and my family and when I scanned it every one came back saying it was a loser so I threw it away.

“It’s just a quick way of finding out instead of googling the numbers. I noticed today the scan application wasn’t working.

“I’m fuming.

“I don’t even buy that many tickets. What if you’re in a syndicate of 50 colleagues and you throw them away?

“I am not happy and I have no idea how long the app has been doing this.”

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The National Lottery posted a message on their website on Thursday lunchtime, which read: “We’re sorry – the National Lottery apps are currently unavailable.

“Some players may have recently seen an incorrect non–winning message caused by a technical issue with both the QR scanner and manual–entry results checker on the apps.

“We are still investigating this issue and we will update our messaging as soon as possible.

“We encourage mobile app users to re–check their tickets on the National Lottery website.

“If you are concerned that you may have disposed of a winning ticket, you have until 5pm on the 30th day after a draw to make a claim.”