Katie Price’s nanny denies she had an affair with Kieran

Nikki Brown claims the accusations aren't true

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It looks like this whole Katie Price divorce is going to get a complicated.

Nikki Brown, the nanny accused of cheating with Katie’s husband, Kieran Hayler, has denied that she had a fling with him and has branded her former boss “vile” and “jealous”.

“It’s all just a complete lie,” she told MailOnline, adding, “It’s a little story that comes from her head.”

Nikki says she never had a year long affair with Kieran Hayler (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m going to clear my name. I’m not going to be just somebody else that she’s disposed of and thought, ‘do you know what, I’m going to use her.’

“It’s not going to happen. She’s vile.”

Nikki, who hasn’t worked for the family in months, says that she did exchange emails with Kieran but they were about money and were not romantic.

“Katie owed me thousands and thousands of pounds,” she alleges.

“She’s read some emails and assumed we’re having an affair.

“There’s nothing intimate or sexual in them and I know because I sent them.

“Katie wanted a divorce, she wants an excuse to get out and blame someone else.”

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However, according to Katie, Kieran admitted that there had been a relationship.

Speaking on Loose Women this week, she said:

“He needs to get help, he knows he needs to get help, it’s not normal behaviour what he’s doing, especially when you’re in a happy marriage.

“I’m just shocked.

“Kieran is absolutely devastated, he doesn’t want to lose me, but he’s got an addiction.

Katie told the girls that she was deviated by the news that Kieran had been playing away again (Credit: ITV)

“There’s no future for us at the moment, he needs to get help.”

She added: “Our marriage was perfect, our sex life was perfect, our family life was perfect.

“There are other things that will also come out, so here I am again.

“When someone stabs a knife in the first time and then they twist it – the first time I was literally distraught.”

Katie says that she was devastated that someone she employed had betrayed her (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking about Nikki, she added: “I’m so shocked it’s someone who I let in my house with my kids, cuddling my kids.

“I’m having to go home and go, ‘Really?’ because it’s in my house again, that’s why I had to leave my last house as he did it all over the house.

“What is it with these women around me? They can say no.

“Yet again I’m going to go through all this heartbreak again, it’s just not fair, I know I didn’t deserve it.”

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