Nando’s launched a Christmas menu today – and we’ve tried it!

Did we think it was peri-peri tasty?

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Just when we thought Nando’s couldn’t possibly get any cheekier, they’ve only gone and brought out a Christmas menu for the very first time.

For starters, there are PERi-Orange wings which were a deliciously sweet ‘n’ sticky version of their Peri Peri wings topped off with a tangy orange glaze.

They come in a range of heat levels and are available in plates of three (£3.50), five (£5.65) or 10 (£9.95).

ED! Verdict: Think duck a l’orange and that’s what the end result is like. A bit more of the tangy orange glaze on the wings would have been welcome but these deserve a solid 4 mince pies out of 5.

The main present is the PERi-Berry burger.

This is a flame-grilled boneless chicken thigh and a chicken breast fillet – two true Nando’s favourites – stacked into a Portuguese roll on a bed of baby spinach and slathered with a PERi-Berry chutney which is a delightful mix of cranberries, raspberries and blueberries all infused with that famous PERi-PERi heat.

It’s available in all the heat levels on its own (£8.75) or with one regular side (£10.35) or two (£11.95).

ED! verdict: If you’re a fan of cranberry sauce then this berry burger will have you clucking. We couldn’t help but feel Nando’s played scrooge a little by not including turkey in the burger and it tasted more like a Portugese jam donut in parts as the sparkling berry sauce is very sweet. The succulent thigh and fillet chicken combo was a winner though and the classic Nando’s peri heat pulls through. Worth a punt – 3 mince pies out of 5.

Joining the festive menu restaurants like McDonalds and Greggs wasn’t going to be easy but Nando’s have pulled it out of Santa’s bag in time for Christmas.

Nando’s new festive menu launches nationally from today through to Monday 3rd January.