Nadine Coyle says she pleaded with Sarah Harding to back out of CBB – and takes a swipe at Cheryl

The Girls Aloud star confessed she was 'petrified' about Sarah's plans to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house

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Nadine Coyle has admitted she begged Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding not to take part in Celebrity Big Brother.

The Northern Irish popstar said she was “petrified” about Sarah going into the famous compound and even pleaded with Sarah to come on holiday with her instead, but Sarah’s mind was made up.

Nadine Coyle admitted she begged Sarah Harding not to do CBB [Credit: FameFlynet]

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Speaking to The Sun, Nadine, 32, said: “I was petrified. She called me to tell me she was doing it and my immediate thing was, ‘Don’t! Absolutely not. Why? Stop this immediately.

“Retract. Retract. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. We’ll go on a holiday. I’m going to Spain. Come.”

But the Sound of the Underground singer said there was nothing she could do to convince Sarah to back out.

Despite her reservations about Sarah, 35, doing CBB, Nadine publicly supported her former bandmate on Twitter.

Sarah Harding was supported by Nadine when she entered CBB in August [Credit: FameFlynet]
Nadine called Sarah a ‘gentle, sweet soul’ on Twitter [Credit: Twitter]
Nadine tried to get Sarah to come on holiday with her instead of doing CBB [Credit: FameFlynet]

When Sarah entered the house, Nadine tweeted: “She is such a gentle, sweet soul at heart. I am so nervous for her but hoping she has a wonderful time.”

And Nadine later followed that up to say: “Inside info on Sarah. She’s a very natural being. She dwells on her feelings and acts on them. It’s what makes her so unique. #NoFilter was made for Sarah.

“Those of us who know and love her know that. The support from you guys will mean the world to her.”

Nadine was thrilled when Sarah won the show [Credit: Channel 5]
Nadine thanked fans for supporting Sarah [Credit: Twitter]
Nadine was over the moon when Sarah won CBB [Credit: Instagram @nadinecoyle]

Nadine was over the moon when Sarah was crowned the winner, taking to social media to thank viewers for their support.

Fellow bandmate Kimberley Walsh also supported Sarah in her weekly magazine column, but there was silence from Cheryl and Nicola Roberts.

When asked if Cheryl’s silence surprised her, Nadine told The Sun: “I’m not surprised, no. If you don’t like somebody, just be genuine about it. You don’t have to be anything else. I don’t think Sarah’s surprised either, it’s to be expected.”

Cheryl has not publicly addressed Sarah’s time on CBB yet [Credit: FameFlynet]
Nadine (left) with Girls Aloud co-stars Nicola, Kimberley, Sarah and Cheryl [Credit: Wenn]

However, it’s been reported that while Cheryl hasn’t addressed Sarah’s stint on CBB in public, she did tune in to some episodes with boyfriend Liam Payne.

According to Sarah’s CBB housemate Paul Danan, One Direction star Liam told him in private that Cheryl had watched her bandmate on TV.

Paul told The Sun: “Cheryl watched a little bit, [Liam] said. She didn’t watch loads. She didn’t watch it all. I did ask and she watched a little bit.”

The ex soap star suggested Cheryl, 34, hadn’t watched the show in detail because it could have been difficult seeing her former bandmate in a vulnerable and at times upsetting situation.

Sarah had an infamously rocky patch to victory littered with house meltdowns, breakdowns and tears, as well as her struggle after falling for housemate Chad Johnson while dating another man on the outside world.

She eventually gave into her feelings and hooked up with Chad and has said they plan to maintain their romance outside the house, despite Chad being from America and Sarah being based in the UK.

Sarah’s road to success in CBB was rocky [Credit: Channel 5]
Sarah, pictured with Chad Johnson, was in tears when she won [Credit : Grant Buchanan / Flynet – SplashNews]

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But as Cheryl has largely remained out of the limelight since son Bear’s birth in March, there hasn’t really been a chance for her to say anything about Sarah or CBB in public.

She rarely tweets these days and has only given one interview in months, to This Morning, which has yet to even air.

And as Sarah won the show without support from Cheryl, perhaps it’s all a moot point anyway.