Nadia Sawalha

Nadia Sawalha reveals she was body shamed for wearing a bikini as a size 14

The Loose Women star says she is finally confident in her own skin

Nadia Sawalha has bravely opened up about her struggles with self-esteem and fears over wearing a bikini.

The Loose Women star, 55, said she was once shamed for wearing a bikini as a size 14.

This shook up the telly star so much that she refused to wear a bikini without a sarong for years.

However, she is now hitting back and says she is finally able to rock any swimwear with confidence.

Nadia Sawalha says she would only wear a bikini with a sarong for years (Credit: Splash News)

Taking to Instagram, Nadia looked amazing as she jumped into a swimming pool on holiday.

What got Nadia so upset?

Sharing in view of her 290,000 followers, she said: “Years ago I got papped on a beach in a bikini and the article discussed how I could dare to go on the beach at the size I was.

“I was a size 14,” she added.

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Nadia continued: “Sadly this f***ed me up for years… to the point where I literally never ‘dared’ to go on the beach or by the pool again in a bikini again without a cover up on.

Years ago I got papped on a beach in a bikini and the article discussed how I could dare to go on the beach at the size I was. I was a size 14.

“Thank god those days are well and truly in the past! I feel as joyful and liberated in this video as I look!!

“FREEDOM from my OWN and OTHERS ‘STINKING THINKING’ is a wonderful thing.

“I have a dream that my daughters and yours won’t have to go through the body fascism so many of US have had to,” she added.

What advice does Nadia have for other women?

nadia sawalha
Nadia says the bikini shaming ‘f***ed her up’ for years (Credit: ITV)

The presenter added: “But that dream can only come true if we all work hard to make a change by being kinder to ourselves and others #letsnotjudgeeachother.

“Ditch the sarongs girls because…,” she teased.

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“Those that mind don’t matter and those that MATTER don’t mind! Dr Seuss (and NOT Gandhi as I thought for years),” she finished.

Fans rushed to congratulate and empathise with Nadia on her wise words.

One user gushed: “Proud of you Nadia! We need to enjoy life, enjoy every minute we can!”

Another added: “You look great Nadia! Good for you. You have a normal healthy body. An inspiration to women!!”

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Nadia also encouraged several users to be proud of their bodies after they aired their concerns.

One shared that they hadn’t worn a bikini since they were 15 and now at 39 refused to.

Nadia was having none of it and urged: “YOU CAN!! You MUST!!! Who the hell is in your head speaking so horribly to you!!! Evict them! Call the police! Tell them to bog off!! We let the nastiest voices live on our minds giving us stinking thinking!!!! Big big hug.”

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