Nadia Sawalha leaves fans in hysterics with video after enjoying ‘one too many glasses of wine’

Nadia enjoyed a drink in the sun

Nadia Sawalha has left fans in hysterics as she filmed herself after “one too many glasses of wine”.

The Loose Women star posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday after she enjoyed a drink in the sun.

Nadia told fans she had to be up for work on Thursday but made the most of the heatwave.

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What did Nadia Sawalha say?

The star said in the clip: “I think I may have had one too many.

“In fact, I know I’ve had one too many. But I was so hot and because I was so hot I didn’t know who I was anymore so I had a drink and then I had another one.

“I know I shouldn’t have done because I’ve got work tomorrow and I want a bag of crisps!”

Nadia Sawalha
Nadia Sawalha admitted she had one too many glasses of wine (Credit:

Her followers were in hysterics watching the video.

One person commented: “You’re funny! I’m with you always NEED CRISPS AND NUTS when I’m drinking.”

Another said: “You’re living the real life!”

I know I shouldn’t have done because I’ve got work tomorrow.

A third wrote: “By accident… Lol.”

Earlier this month, Nadia was praised by her fans as she opened up about her struggles with self-esteem and fears over wearing a bikini.

In a video shared to her Instagram, Nadia looked amazing as she jumped into a swimming pool on holiday.

nadia sawalha
Nadia said she had to be on Loose Women on Thursday (Credit: ITV)

She wrote: “Years ago I got papped on a beach in a bikini and the article discussed how I could dare to go on the beach at the size I was.

“I was a size 14. Sadly this [expletive] me up for years… to the point where I literally never ‘dared’ to go on the beach or by the pool again in a bikini again without a cover up on.”

Nadia’s inspirational message to fans

Nadia added: “Thank god those days are well and truly in the past! I feel as joyful and liberated in this video as I look!!

“FREEDOM from my OWN and OTHERS ‘STINKING THINKING’ is a wonderful thing.

“I have a dream that my daughters and yours won’t have to go through the body fascism so many of US have had to.”

One fan told her: “Proud of you Nadia! We need to enjoy life, enjoy every minute we can!”

Nadia Sawalha is often branded an “inspiration” on social media (Credit:

Another added: “Keep going Nadia you’re bloody beautiful inside and out.”

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A third wrote: “You look great Nadia! Good for you. You have a normal healthy body. An inspiration to women!!”

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