Nadia Sawalha on Instagram

Nadia Sawalha praised for speaking up for women in angry speech after Sabina Nessa’s murder

She shared the emotive message on Instagram

Nadia Sawalha has spoken out for women in a passionate speech on Instagram, following the tragic murder of Sabina Nessa.

The Loose Women star shared her anger with followers yesterday (September 27), despite her attempts to remain calm.

Sabina, 28, was tragically killed in southeast London, while on her way to meet a friend on September 17.

**Warning: Video contains strong language**

Nadia Sawalha issues ‘angry’ message on Instagram

Her body was discovered nearly 24 hours later in Cator Park, Kidbrooke.

Koci Selamaj was charged with the murder of the primary school teacher, and appeared in court today.

Following the news, Nadia took to social media to share her horror over the murder.

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The ITV panellist spoke directly to the camera, saying: “I’ve been trying really hard not to get angry because I want people to listen to me.

“But I can’t not be angry. I think for so long we haven’t been angry as women. We have been really patient.

“We told our stories, we’ve shared the most intimate and scary things that have happened to us.

Nadia Sawalha on Instagram
Nadia Sawalha spoke out against women’s violence on Instagram (Credit:

“We’ve made ourselves vulnerable and we’ve openly shared the things that have made us the most scared in our lives. And nothing changes.”

Nadia, 56, later called for everyone to work together to help keep women safe.

Insisting that she wasn’t a ‘man hating sexist’, Nadia continued: “I’m not! I’m a woman and I’m desperate to keep the other women in my life safe.

I’m desperate to keep the other women in my life safe.

“I want the men to help us – the good men and the not so good men.”

Meanwhile, her caption read: “Warning angry woman. Rest in peace Sabina Nessa and the countless other women whose lives have been so brutally taken.

“Love to all those that loved those women and have been left with the torture of endless grief.”

Sabina Nessa
The Loose Women star spoke out following the death of primary school teacher Sabina Nessa (Credit: BBC)

Nadia praised by fans on social media

Nadia’s social media followers were clearly moved by her emotive speech.

One wrote: “Don’t say sorry and thank you, you’re 100% right in everything you have said and we need someone like you to speak up. Thank you.”

In addition, a second said: “I hear everything you are saying!!! Be angry, I am angry, I fear for my daughters future having to deal with the world today. Keep speaking up @nadiasawalha.”

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Another added: “I love watching you angry – it’s uplifting and you say what everyone else is thinking.”

A fourth shared: “I completely agree. I appreciate your anger and opinions and wish I would be more like you. Go girl.”

A fifth commented: “Thank you for speaking out.”

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