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Sunday 31st May 2020

EastEnders mystery revealed as Hayley turns out to be a Slater!

But not everyone was surprised!

Since mysterious Hayley turned up in Albert Square, taking photos of Martin and sniffing round the stall, viewers have been wondering who on earth she could be.

And now her real identity has been revealed. She's a Slater!

Mind you, with her cheeky attitude, the leopard print, the dark hair, the big earrings... we shouldn't have been surprised really!

If it looks like a Slater, talks like a Slater, and acts like a Slater, then it's a Slater... (Credit: BBC)

We're Slaters. We fight dirty when we have to.

In last night's episode, Martin arranged to meet Hayley in the park and they spent the day together.

And she talked him into giving Arthur his dinner at his house - so Martin was late returning the kids to Stacey.

When Hayley cancelled Stacey's calls to Martin, the worried mum turned up on the doorstep with the police! Much to Martin's distress.

"What did I ever do to you that was so bad?" he asked Stacey, completely bewildered.

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And when the kids had gone home, he turned to Hayley and said: "She must really hate me."

Hayley was sympathetic - or so we thought.

Hayley turned up on Stacey's doorstep (Credit: BBC)

Because she was soon round at Stacey's door, revealing she'd been in on the plan all along - just to make Martin look bad.

When Stacey faltered and pointed out that Martin was still the father of her child, Hayley dropped a bombshell.

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"We're Slaters," she said. "We fight dirty when we have to."

It's official! Hayley's a Slater (Credit: BBC)

Yes, that's right - SLATERS.

Viewers were thrilled with the revelation.

"OMG!!!" wrote one fan. "Hayley is a slater!! #eastenders mic drop"

"True slater down to a T," said another.

But not everyone was happy about it.

"Gee, who would've guessed?" said one sarcastic viewer. "

And another added: "That is the most pathetic thing ever."

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