Mystery Emmerdale character to be killed off

Who's going to be the unlucky victim this time?

A top secret disaster storyline in EastEnders and now a murder mystery plot hits Emmerdale – the soaps are really keeping us guessing at the moment.

Yesterday, Emmerdale’s social media accounts set about encouraging their followers to retweet and share their posts as part of #WishListWednesday for a very special insight into some upcoming scripts.

Share and retweet they did and they were richly rewarded with three snippets of scripts – one of which revealed a shock death.

“They tried to resuscitate her. But she was gone. There was nothing they could do…”

Ooh, we wonder who it could be? There’s been no rumours flying around of exits lately, but it looks like one female villager will depart the Dales very soon.

Another script secret shared revealed the line:

“You obviously feel something or you wouldn’t’ve brought Rebecca up…”

Who could be saying this? Rebecca’s embroiled in the Robron storyline at the moment, but she’s also set to get jiggy with Ross Barton, and of course she’s part of Home Farm’s resident family the Whites – which plot does this refer to?

The last little extract they treated fans to sounds very familiar to us…

“You look so pretty sat there. You really have no idea how much I love you.”

That sounds scarily like creepy Pierce talking to Rhona! But of course, it might not be sinister, it could be anybody in Emmerdale talking to anybody – there’s so many couples in love!

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These little teasers have got us desperate to find out more. Just who is going to die in the Dales?