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Myleene Klass saved daughter Ava from choking

The frightening ordeal happened during a family holiday

Myleene Klass has revealed to fans that she recently saved her daughter from choking.

Myleene, 40, was on holiday with her two girls when her eldest, 12-year-old Ava, began choking on a piece of food.

Instagram @myleeneklass
Myleene Klass has revealed how she recently saved her daughter Ava from choking (Credit: Instagram/ @myleeneklass)

Taking to Twitter, Myleene described the terrifying incident as “horrible” and urged parents to sign up to a first aid course.

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The musician and TV presenter, who bizarrely had to save her youngest Hero from choking six years ago, said: “My daughter (the other one this time) choked on holiday and I only knew what to do because I’ve done a first aid course.

“Please parents, arm and educate yourselves. It happened so quickly. 5 mins later it was as if nothing had happened.

“I’ve just booked another refresher course.”

Instagram @myleeneklass
Myleene was on holiday with Ava and Hero at the time (Credit: Instagram/ @myleeneklass)

Myleene’s friend, former All Saints star Nicole Appleton, was quick to respond, saying: “That must have been sooo scary!!”

Writing back, Myleene added: “Scary how quickly she started eating the rest of her meal again! But yeah, horrible. X”

Myleene, whose mum is a nurse, initially did a first aid course when she was pregnant with Ava.

Instagram @myleeneklass
Myleene did a baby first aid course when she was pregnant with her eldest (Credit: Instagram/ @myleeneklass)

Then five years later, her youngest daughter Hero began choking on a small plastic star and she had to call on her skills.

Recalling the scary incident in a previous interview, Myleene told the Daily Mail: “It was a week before her first birthday.

“She wasn’t quite walking at that stage and suddenly I became aware she was half-crawling, half-staggering over to me.

‘She’d gone really, really pale and there was a bit of blood coming out of her mouth.”

Myleene added: “I felt sick and every part of my body ran cold. But from somewhere, what I’d learned five years before kicked in.”

Instagram @myleeneklass
Myleene has now saved BOTH her daughters from choking (Credit: Instagram/ @myleeneklass)

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Myleene had Ava and Hero during her relationship with her now ex-husband Graham Quinn.

Graham walked out on the former Hear’Say star in 2012, six months after they tied the knot. They have since divorced.