My Baby Waby! Fatherhood has made former sex addict monogamous

Cor blimey, comedian is a completely different person now

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Russell Brand has opened up about the exciting birth of his first child.

The funny man has also said that it’s taught him to enjoy monogamy!

Well, isn’t that ideal Russell, because your baby is probably going to need a father.

No more wooing the ladies for you!

In an interview on Saturday night’s The Jonathan Ross Show, the 41-year-old said: “[I am enjoying monogamy] because there is a baby coming.

“One of them sperm finally made it, after I’d released so many, so abundantly, indiscriminate. Who knows who could have been born, which geniuses have been squandered?”

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Russell, who is engaged to Laura Gallacher, told the chat show host about his new-found sense of calm and zen. Aw.

“Some of that is because I’m in a monogamous relationship now so I’m a lot calmer… I like it as a matter of fact. I live a quiet rural life now out in the country… this animal husbandry and this new venture I think will soon put me back on top.”

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The newly loved-up couple shares a house together and have two cats, 13 chickens and a dog!

What a way to keep him grounded…

Russell also confessed to getting teary when he proposed to Laura.

“I cried at my own beauty,’ he said. ‘You know when you think, “I’m being so nice now, Oh God I think I’m going to cry” because you’re impressed with how nice you are…

“I properly planned it and put proper ideas into it and made it all nice and did like a surprise party for her and her mum helped me to organise it, get her on side!”

After a horrible divorce with ex Katy Perry, it looks like he’s finally got his life on track now.

He added: “Having been famous for a decade…I’ve kind of realised that you have to have some sort of transcendent inner serenity and some genuine earthed things in your life otherwise you’ll go mental.”

So insightful Russell! We think you’ll be a great dad mate.

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