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Sunday 12th July 2020

Mums can't get enough of this 87p Asda vapour bath for kids with colds

Hard to argue with the price

Mums are going mad for a 'paediatrician approved' vapour bath product that helps kids with colds this Christmas and costs next to nothing.

On the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one user posted a photo of Asda's Little Angels Vapour Bath, which comes in a 500ml bottle and costs just 87p.

They wrote in the caption: "Honestly I cannot recommend this enough, smells amazing, helps with them colds and it will be the best 87p you spend."

It's available for 87p at Asda (Credit: Asda)

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Other parents were all over the product in the comments, with some agreeing it helped loads with poorly children and others admitting they couldn't wait to get their hands on a bottle.

One said: "I need to remember to get some when I go to Asda next! Xx."

Honestly I cannot recommend this enough.

Another put: "Be great for this weather xx."

A third user whose pal tagged them in the post said: "Yeah, got it, been using it [...] recently actually, it's great stuff xxx."

Someone else agreed: "Omg we had a bottle of this last year from Flo's baby shower, 100% recommend."

A fifth wrote: "I've been buying this for years and I swear it has helped in the past with my son's croup."

On the Asda website, Little Angels Vapour Bath has been rated five stars out of five by customers.

The product description reads: "For a soothing scented soak. No tears formula. Menthol aroma helps to soothe and comfort.

"Paediatrician approved. This product has not been tested on animals. Dermatologically tested."

It's said to be 'paediatrician approved' and dermatologically tested (Credit: Pixabay)

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One of the reviews read: "Great stuff, it's fab for helping clear out your kid's nose when they have a cold. It smells exactly like vapour rub. Yeah, not normally what you would want to bath in but it helps clear mucus and that is the purpose. For those who want ones to help their kids relax, try the purple one with lavender."

Another who wasn't a fan complained that it smelled like "pine toilet cleaner", which they felt took away from the point of having a bubbly bath.

But another customer wrote in their review on the Asda website: "Not sure why people are complaining that it doesn't smell so nice or doesn't relax you. It's not meant to. It's to unblock snotty noses. If you want a relaxing bath, get the lavender one."

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