Carla Bellucci

Mum who lied about depression for nose job ‘can’t be bothered’ to homeschool

Carla Bellucci would prefer to see her daughter on Love Island

Homeschooling is tough, but many will not see that as an excuse, so this story is likely to make blood boil!

Carla Bellucci first came to notoriety when she told the NHS she was depressed in order to get a nose job.

It made for a memorable grilling from Holly and Phil on This Morning.

Now she’s back in the news, again for all the wrong reasons.

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Carla is refusing to homeschool her children during lockdown.

Instead, she says it is more important they promote themselves on TikTok and Instagram.

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As reported in The Sun, Carla said: “Books are boring.”

She added that she would prefer to see her offspring enter Love Island than become lawyers.

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Carla told how she, daughter Tanisha, 15 and son Jayden 12, don’t bother getting up until 10am before spending the day either playing computer games or practising Insta poses.

Homeschool hassles

“The only thing Tanisha has read since lockdown is Instagram updates and the only maths she’s done is working out how many more followers she’s got on Instagram,” said Carla.

“She’s not interested in school work and I’m not going to push her.”

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Stay at home guys it’s could save thousands of life’s #stayhome @byigottheshot @prettylittlething @rayban

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Carla, who has 92,000 fans on Instagram and brands herself as a model, said her kids were given lots of homework at the beginning of lockdown.

Their friends’ parents complained about the workload.

But Carla said: “I saw the amount of work and told my kids to put it in the corner.”

Why bother?

She said her mantra was “why bother?”

And she had little time for teachers.

If they won’t set up live Zoom lessons, she said, she refused to do their work for them.

She isn’t concerned they are missing out.

Carla says her children have become more mature and focused on their goal of becoming famous since lockdown started.

She also gets them to take photos of her to help with her social media career.

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