Mum slams husband for ill-advised and ‘insensitive’ remark to doctor hours after she gives birth

He thought she was "overreacting"

A woman has slammed her husband for telling her doctor to “stitch her up tight” hours after she gave birth to their child.

Taking to Reddit, the mum – who welcomed her first child three days ago – said she suffered a small vaginal tear during the birth.

The woman claimed the nurse looked “appalled” as her husband made the joke and he believes it was “harmless”.

The woman welcomed her baby three days ago (Credit: Pexels)

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She wrote: “After I gave birth, the resident OB [obstetrician] had to stitch me up for mild perineal tearing. My husband was with him and joked to the doctor, ‘Make sure to stitch it up tight.’

“The OB kind of just ignored him but the nurse looked appalled. I told him, ‘Don’t be an [bleep]’ in front of everyone. He was very embarrassed.

“After they left he got mad at ME for calling him out. He said I was overreacting to a harmless joke. I told him that I didn’t need this kind of drama.

“Now we’re home, and it’s been rather fractured between us. I haven’t had a full conversation with him since before the labour.

“He says I’m being way too sensitive and acting like a [bleep] (his words, not mine).”

The woman claimed the nurse looked “appalled” as her husband made the joke (Credit: Shutterstock)

Fellow users were quick to share their thoughts.

One person said: “Your husband is being so unreasonable and petty. He was being kinda super gross about your intimate area in front of health care professionals, and calling him out wasn’t wrong to do.”

Another shared their own experience, writing: “I was stitched so tight (was already tight to begin with, tbh) and now sex is agony.”

A third commented: “I’m glad you called him out. By the way, ‘stitching it up tight’ is a real and horrible thing.”

Fellow readers slammed the woman’s husband (Credit: Pexels)

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A fourth added: “Your husband is being a [bleep]. Not just for the joke, which was inappropriate on its own, but especially for his response to your reaction. You just had a baby, your husband shouldn’t be acting like one too.”

Another said: “That’s an incredibly crude, embarrassing, and insensitive thing to say to your doctor about a very intimate, private topic. What an [bleep].”

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