Mum shaves off screaming daughter’s hair as punishment for bullying bald cancer victim

WARNING: Graphic content

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Make no mistake, one child bullying another should never be excused – taunting a child who has lost their hair to cancer is inexcusable.

No matter, it’s hard to comprehend why a mother would shave off her daughter’s hair as punishment for picking on someone who is bald as a result of treatment for the disease.

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A video has surfaced online appearing to show a mother who is doing just that after hearing that her daughter had been bullying a bald cancer patient.

The accompanying caption reads: “This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer so her mum decided to shave her head.”

The girl can be seen covering her face and screaming as her locks fall to the bathroom floor, after being attacked by an electric razor.

Both women are speaking in Portuguese.

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Shocking, right?

People commenting on the video were naturally appalled. One wrote: “Parents need to stop posting their children’s humiliation on the internet.”

Another opened up about her own experience of teaching a child about their wrong-doings, sharing: “When my brother was little, he was a fire bug and would light things on fire.

“Our parents took him to the fire department and they sat him down and explained what could happen if fire got out of control and showed him pics of burned houses and things.”

There is some doubt as to the authenticity of the post, however.

The same clip appears to have been uploaded previously, that time with a description about a young woman being punished for posting nude images online.

No matter what the true motive for the punishment, it’s surely never an acceptable one.