Mum-of-eight plans to quit job as “life is better on benefits”

Maria Buchan has been saving her wages for a £4,500 boob job

A mum left This Morning viewers furious as she defended her decision to quit her job and go back on benefits.

Marie Buchan had been given part-time work as a carer, but as a result her benefits were cut.

The mum-of-eight claims she was worse off working.

Speaking about her decision to quit her job, she said: “Caring hours are long, and the pay is awful.

“I’m already a carer to eight children and I can’t do anymore.

“It’s mentally draining for me – I’m trying to better myself by getting my qualifications as a motor mechanic and juggling everything is too much.

“It took me two years to find this job, and there was no help finding a job.

“Adding everything up, it makes more sense for me to be on benefits.

“I’m not manipulating the benefits system.

“The system is a problem – I lost benefits going back to work, such as school meals and help with rent.”

Eammon suggested that the reason she is struggling is because she has eight children and Maria didn’t disagree.

She said: “Yes that might be, but this is my life now and I have to make the best of it.

“To be honest, very regularly I’m not completing the 16 hours because the children are maybe ill and I can’t work, or the caring job that day is out of my area.”

Asked by Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford why she doesn’t spend her wages earned as a carer on her children, she answered that she would rather spend the money on breast implants.

Marie Buchan

She said: “I do intend to have a boob job, and it will be paid for by my caring job. [I want to] buy a boob job with my wages.

“Child tax credits and working tax credits pay for the kids.”

Viewers were quick to slam the controversial guest on Twitter.

One person wrote: “I’m sorry but why should I work 6 days a week to pay for her 8 kids disgusting it is not my problem you have had 8 kids”.

Another furious fan wrote: “Moaning she can’t afford to live off benefits yet is saving for another boob job.”

We totally agree!