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Saturday 7th December 2019

Mum demands guests pay £70 for son's birthday party

She's angered a few mums!

A disgruntled mum has taken to the internet to ask if the demands another parent has made over their son's birthday party are unreasonable.

The Mumsnet poster has asked other mums if they think the party organiser is being "grabby" or just plain "cheeky" for asking guests to fork out £70 to help her child celebrate his birthday by go-karting with his classmates.

On top of the £70, she's also asking guests to buy an Amazon vouchers as a gift, and bring food for the birthday boy to eat.

The birthday boy's mum wants to charge her son's friends to join him go-karting (Credit: Rainer Oy/

Explaining the situation, she writes: "[My son] is at a newish school - he was so happy to have been invited to a karting birthday party - turns out the whole class were invited - details were - the date- the activity-transport provided (it’s a 280 mile round trip) and a request of Amazon vouchers for present.

"In the last few weeks since they broke up I’ve been updated with further texts from the mother of birthday boy asking for deposits for the karting (£20) and the remainder on the day (£30) THEN that was followed up by a request for £20 for the transport."

Surely if you are throwing the party, you pay for everyone?

She goes on to say that the mum has since had "the gall" to "request we pack a generous picnic with ice packs and pack extra so the birthday boy doesn't have to bring anything".

Invitees are also asked to buy Amazon vouchers and bring food for the birthday boy (Credit: Pexels)

The confused mum asked for advice on the website's chat forum to see what other mums thought she should do - stump up the cash so her son doesn't miss out on the party, or refuse to let him go because the birthday boy's mum is asking too much.

The post gained hundreds of replies - with many mums expressing their dismay over the cost of the party.

"Am I reading this correctly - it's £70 plus present and picnic?!?!" asked one.

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"That is absolutely insane. I would definitely decline. Surely if you are throwing the party, you pay for everyone? She sounds cheap," said another.

A third ranted: "I would be so annoyed at this. It's not a party. A party doesn't mean other kids having to pay to attend. It's horrible for her to drip feed all of this too after you have accepted. I would have a good mind to tell your son that instead of going, he can have the 70 odd quid to spend on himself!"

Fellow mums were shocked (Credit: Pexels)

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Some said the original poster should just "suck it up" and pay - if she could afford it - so her son didn't miss out on the party.

But others said the party organiser was being far too unreasonable, and in the same situation they wouldn't let their child attend.

"Bare-faced cheek! £100-ish for a new classmate's birthday bash? Nah thanks," said one.

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