Mother of autistic Holby City actor considered getting him a prostitute

A mother's love knows no bounds

Best-selling author Kathy Lette, mother of the well known autistic Holby City actor, admitted on Lorraine’s show that she considered getting her son a prostitute.

Jules Robertson is the first autistic actor in the UK to be cast as a character with a form of autism (in this case Asperger’s).

Kathy Lette considered going to extreme lengths to help her son (Credit: ITV)

On today’s Lorraine show Kathy Lette spoke about how Jules was struggling to get a date and develop a relationship, because of his condition.

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She said: “To girls their own age they’re too exotic, he might as well be a sherbet winged flamingo flying down the high street. So they get very lonely and they get rejected by girl after girl after girl.”

She goes on to talk about something quite controversial, when it came to helping her son.

Jules Robertson alongside his colleagues in Holby City (Credit: BBC)

She explained to Lorraine: “As a mother all you want for your child is for them to find happiness and companionship and love, so mothers like me we do consider some very extreme things.

“I did think about hiring a prostitute, even though I’m a feminist.”

She continued: “So I did find myself driving through the red light district and I suddenly thought ‘what are you doing? I could be arrested’.

“Just before his 21st birthday he did meet a girl, he fell in love and nature took its course so it was fine but a few weeks later I did read about a father of an autistic boy who was arrested kerb crawling and I thought ‘that could have been me, I could have gone to prison’.”

Jules plays the character of Jason in the hit BBC hospital drama, and is a Youth Patron for the national charity Ambitious about Autism.

Jules Robertson with Gillian Anderson (Credit: Twitter @KathyLette)

He was cast in Holby City last year and has received praise by many for being a pioneer and showing that people with conditions such as autism can and should be cast in acting roles.

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In the past Kathy Lette has been open and honest about the difficulties of parenting a child with autism, but that she sees people with the condition as “differently abled” rather than disabled.

Kathy Lette has a new book called Best Laid Plans which comes out in the UK on July 13.