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Holly Willoughby mortified after Lorraine Kelly comments

It was a bit of a surprise remark

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Holly Willoughby suffered a bit of an awkward moment on today’s Lorraine show, after the Scottish host made a comment about her boobs!

At first Holly was discussing her body and staying in shape as she said: “I think you sort of get [used to the routine], the children are a little bit older, so I’ve got a little bit more for myself.

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Holly spoke about staying in shape (Credit: ITV)

“And I’m always one of those people that if you feel happy and healthy that’s all that matters.”

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That’s when Lorraine chipped in and warned Holly not to lose her valuable assets – if you get what we mean.

Lorraine said: “Well you always look beautiful. But don’t lose the Holly Willoughboobies.”

The blonde TV star looked embarrassed as she looked down at her chest.

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Holly couldn’t believe what Lorraine had said (Credit: ITV)

She said: “I think they’re still there Lorraine.”

Holly seemed to go a little red as Lorraine then commented: “Absolutely, they are gorgeous. They’re amazing.”

Holly cringed as she looked around the studio and said: “And now everybody’s looking.”

Poor Holly was also left red-faced yesterday as her fellow host on This Morning Phillip Schofield made a Fifty Shades of Grey admission.

Another presenter on the show, Rylan Clark-Neal, discussed the exciting news that a new teaser video for the third Fifty Shades instalment had been released.

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Phil made Holly blush with his admission (Credit: ITV)

Of course women everywhere were going crazy for the Fifty Shades Freed video, which gave a glimpse into what will happen to the characters in the next film as things not only get raunchier but darker too.

Rylan showed as much as he could of the video, before it got to the saucy bit, and then he had to bring it to a halt as it is a daytime show after all.

But Phil wasn’t impressed with missing out on the raunchiness, as he said: “Oh they don’t get very naughty.”

Holly replied: “They get quite… I think they get a bit saucy.”

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Phil revealed he and Holly read bits of the raunchy book to eachother (Credit: ITV)

And that’s where it got a little bit weird as Phil then admitted to reading parts of the books with Holly while getting ready for This Morning.
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Holly, who has read all of the books, looked down sheepishly as Phil told everyone about their guilty secret.

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He admitted: “When the books came out we had such a laugh because Holly read all the books. I remember sitting in the make-up room just reading out passages.”

Holly was blushing and surprisingly didn’t say anything, as she was clearly embarrassed by Phil’s revelation.

Phil added: “The books are a bit raunchier than the film is.”

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