This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes branded a “sexist pervert”

Viewers were upset by his behaviour around Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown

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Poor Eamonn Holmes has landed himself in hot water on the eve of his birthday after his stint on This Morning today.

The jovial host and his good lady wife welcomed Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown to the studio for her first session in the famous TV kitchen.

And some viewers were offended by the Irish charmer’s interview technique, branding him “sexist” and “a proper perv”.

Come ON, people, this is Eamonn we are talking about. The man was born with his tongue permanently planted in his cheek.

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Apparently a little bit of mild flirtation with guests is now a televisual offence that makes some viewers feel awkward.

It’s worth pointing out that wife Ruth was standing by his side throughout the whole segment, in which the pouting baker whipped up a salted caramel apple crumble.

“How sexist was @EamonnHolmes on @thismorning I bet he made Candice feel very unfortable on her 1st visit, (sic)” angrily typed one viewer onto Twitter.

Another exclaimed: “Eamonn Holmes trying to flirt with Candice Brown is bad not what you wanna see proper perv. @thismorning .”

Yet another viewer said: “Eamon is making me feel so uncomfortable, and I’m at the other end of the country! Poor Candice! #ThisMorning “.

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One even took it upon themselves to defend Ruth’s honour: “Eamon! Stop flirting with Candice! Your wife is stood right there man! @thismorning.”

We reckon Ruth is safe, though. She has often spoken of how jealous she gets over Eamonn, so if his flirting were ever to be more than harmless – and we are certain it never would be – then the seasoned TV pro would sure as hell not be doing it in front of his other half.

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