Morbidly obese woman falls pregnant despite risk of baby’s health

Lorraine had her Fallopian tubes blocked SIX years ago, but miraculously conceived

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A morbidly obese mum with a BMI of 70, had her Fallopian tubes tied six years ago, but has miraculously fallen pregnant.

Despite warnings from doctors about the baby’s health, she decided to keep the baby.

Lorraine – who has two children with her husband – didn’t want a third, and so had the surgery to ensure this didn’t happen.

Mum-of-two Lorraine was stunned when she found out she was expecting again

She told the TLC show Extraordinary Pregnancies: “I have always been on the larger side since maybe 2nd grade.”

She said: “I got my Fallopian tubes tied about six years ago. I told the doctor, ‘do what you’ve gotta do’.

“I’ve already got a boy and a girl, I don’t need anymore.”

Morbidly obese woman falls pregnant

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Despite having surgery to stop her getting pregnant, Lorraine noticed something was wrong with her body.

She continued: “I came to my mother’s house and I said ‘I think I need to get a pregnancy test.”

Her mum Tammy, knowing about the procedure, told Lorraine: “I don’t know how that’s possible, but go ahead and try.”

Shockingly, the test came back positive.

Morbidly obese woman falls pregnant

Tammy said: “This baby decided to make an entrance and we can’t figure out how he did it without there being any tube.”

Lorraine decided to keep her baby, despite having a BMI 70 and being warned there could be health complications with her and the baby.

Her doctor, Robert Silverman said: “Lorraine’s pregnancy is an extraordinary pregnancy because you’re dealing with a subgroup of patients who we know have a dramatic increase in complications.”

Over the course of the programme we see Lorraine attending scans

The show follows Lorraine through her pregancy, from scans all the way to her due date.

Thankfully, her baby boy – who they named Dallas – was born healthy.

Lorraine admitted that “there will be no more babies for the family”.

She hopes!

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