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Monday 16th September 2019

Monster dad jailed for killing daughter who wouldn't stop crying

He blamed sleep deprivation

An evil dad who killed his baby daughter by shaking her and throwing her on the floor has been jailed for life.

Six-month-old Isabella Sully Jean Martin was killed by her dad, 37-year-old Arron Colin Martin, because she wouldn't stop crying.

The incident reportedly happened at the family home in Perth, Western Australia, in November 2017, when Arron came home from a night shift and struggled to settle Isabella.

Martin put his actions down to sleep deprivation (Credit: Facebook)

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When Martin returned, his wife Nicole left to go to work at McDonald's where she was a manager.

She noticed that Isabella was in a "grizzly" mood before she left the house, but wasn't especially unsettled. The infant reportedly had a blocked nose, as she was just getting over a cold.

After attacking Isabella, Martin said the child was breathing but had swelling on her head.

You momentarily lost control. There was no planning or forethought.

He put her in her cot and is alleged to have then attempted suicide twice, before eventually handing himself in to police.

Paramedics found the infant with skull fractures and a brain haemorrhage. She reportedly survived for between two and five hours, but doctors were unable to save her.

Speaking in court this week, Martin said he "snapped" because of sleep deprivation and admitted to throwing Isabella to the ground.

Baby Isabella was recovering from a cold when the attack happened (Credit: GoFundMe)

According to the Daily Mail, he claimed to have dropped the tot rather than thrown her.

Justice Stephen Hall rubbished that claim, pointing out that Isabella's injuries suggested considerable force had been used.

Martin was handed a life sentence and will have to serve at least 12 years before authorities will consider releasing him.

Nicole said her life had been perfect (Credit: GoFundMe)

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He had been a good father and husband before the killing, according to the judge, who called it a "terribly tragic case".

He said: "You momentarily lost control. There was no planning [or] forethought."

Mother Nicole Martin said in a victim impact statement that her life had been perfect when she went to work - but everything had been taken from her just hours later.

What's more, she wonders how different the situation would have turned out if Martin had simply called her at work and asked her to come home.

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