Model wife of superstar cyclist Mark Cavendish reveals trolls wished her children DEAD

The trolls responded after a video of their son was posted on Twitter

Ex page-three model Peta Todd who is married to Tour de France legend Mark Cavendish, has revealed that people on Twitter wished her children dead.

In response to a video Mark had put on Twitter of their son Frey, one troll in particular wrote the disgusting comment: “i hope your all children get cancer n dyin in pain [sic]”

Peta posted on her timeline a screenshot of the comment with her own words of “Really? Is that ok?” written at the top.

This is what Peta posted on Twitter (Credit: Twitter @petatodd)

Unfortunately for him, Mark is used to online abuse as he recently got a torrent of hateful comments after a dramatic incident in the Tour de France which saw him crash and a rival disqualified.

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During the incident Mark was pushed into the barriers and had to seek medical attention afterwards for a broken shoulder.

It is alleged that Peter Sagan pushed his rival into the barrier on purpose, which ended with Mark hurling onto the ground at high speed.

Mark with his adorable son Frey (Credit: Twitter @petatodd)

But a lot of people blamed Mark and trolls sent him abusive comments.

Mark hit back writing on his social media: “Everybody is entitled to their opinions. But please note it is a sport.

“Vile and threatening comments on social media to myself and my family isn’t deserved. I’d ask you all to respect that and please not send threatening or abusive language to myself and my family.”

He also added: “I am paying now as a 32-year-old for the petulant attitude I had as a kid. This will never leave me.”

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But the couple also have some great supporters who responded to the comment hoping their  “children get cancer” with shock and dismay.

Peta was quick to stand up for her man (Credit: Instagram @petatoddlar)

One person who saw the troll comment responded with: “I’m so, so sorry. Only sad, lonely people behave that way – not that that excuses it.”

Another said: “Awful, needs reporting to the police, and get well soon Cav!”