Holly Willoughby mocked by Phillip Schofield over outfit choice

Never poke fun at a lady's outfit, Phil!

Holly Willoughby thought she’d cracked her Christmas outfit for today’s This Morning.

She rocked up for Thursday’s episode feeling very proud of her shimmering red skirt featuring a black and white arrow design – only for Phillip Schofield to start humming the X Factor theme tune!

Oh, Phil!

Don’t mock a woman’s outfit!

Holly thought she had her Christmas outfit cracked until Phil said she looks like the X Factor logo! (Credit: ITV)

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Laughing, Holly, 36, replied: “I knew you were going to say this.”

Phil, 55, said: “Your skirt looks like the X Factor!”

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, right?!

Yup, we totally see it! (Credit: ITV)

Still giggling, Holly told This Morning viewers she thought she’d “cracked” her Christmas outfit and felt very festive until “somebody just pointed out it looks like the X Factor logo.”

But, embracing the positive side, she quipped: “I’m on brand, it’s ITV!”

That’s the spirit!

Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield
Familiar? (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

Phillip also took the mickey out of Holly on his Snapchat, filming her during an advert break.

While Holly looked somewhat morose on the sofa, Phil said: “That’s a very beautiful Christmas skirt.”

Holly replied: “It was! I thought I had my Christmas outfit sorted until somebody just said to me I look like the X Factor logo. I do!”

“Sadly, I’m afraid you really do,” said Phil.

“Cancel Christmas!” shouted Holly.

Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield
Poor Holly (Credit: Snapchat @Phillip_Schofield)

While Phil found Holly’s outfit amusing, her fans were absolutely loving it.

A slew of admirers took to Instagram to shower Holly in compliments after she showed off her Zara skirt and Ted Baker jumper.

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One wrote: “Looking absolutely stunning this morning, I literally want to copy your whole outfit, hairstyle and makeup!!”

Another said: “Beautiful, love this look!”

And a third added: “That skirt is gorgeous!”

The people have spoken!

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