Viewers in stitches at Miriam Margolyes’ VERY rude comments on The Graham Norton Show

We weren't expecting that - and neither was he!

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Actor Daniel Radcliffe has had to deal with a lot in his role as legendary wizard Harry Potter – giant spiders, Dementors, and of course the dreaded Lord Voldemort.

But last night he came up against an altogether more intimidating force in the shape of Miriam Margolyes.

The actress, 78, joined Daniel on the sofa on last night’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, and left the Harry Potter star cringing as she quizzed him about his FORESKIN.

And the exchange left fans in tears of laughter, with many taking to Twitter to comment on what they’d seen.

Miriam didn’t give Daniel an easy time (Credit: BBC)

The hilarious moment started when another guest on the BBC show, Scottish actor Alan Cumming, questioned Daniel about his manhood.

That seemed to spark Miriam into life, and without warning she leant forward and asked the Harry Potter star: “Do you have a foreskin?”

Miriam Margolyes has me in tears of laughter every time & she didn’t disappoint tonight.

With Graham Norton struggling to contain his laughter, Daniel looked stunned at what he’d just been asked.

Blushing, he finally replied: “No, I’m Jewish.”

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But Miriam wasn’t finished, and she then turned to Graham and asked him the very same question!

Brilliantly, the host managed to avoid giving a genuine answer by joking that he had “loads of them”.

Luckily, Daniel saw the funny side (Credit: BBC)

“I collect them,” he smirked as the audience erupted.

The few minutes of comedy gold went down a treat with viewers at home, and social media was soon buzzing with comments.

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One person tweeted: “Miriam Margolyes has me in tears of laughter every time & she didn’t disappoint tonight.”

Another remarked: “Miriam Margolyes was on Graham Norton tonight and went off on foreskins, and I think I died for about six seconds.”

Graham Norton’s comment went down well with the audience (Credit: BBC)

And a third person added: “If you’re ever feeling down, please go watch clips of Miriam Margolyes on Graham Norton. Literally [expletive] myself every time.”

The Graham Norton Show is on again next Friday at 10.35pm on BBC1.

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