Miranda star launches blistering attack at British Airways on Twitter

Social media - first place for customer service complaints these days, it seems

Miranda actor Tom Ellis has expressed his fury after a run in with British Airways over tickets.

The star of US drama Lucifer was furious when the airline refused to help him secure the safe delivery of his children who were travelling from London to LA with a friend.

Using the power of social media to bring about a change, he posted a lengthy rant about what had happened.

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Writing to his near-200,000 Twitter followers, the actor said: “My children are coming from the UK to visit me. As they’re too young to travel themselves, they were meant to be brought to Los Angeles by our family friend who is from Indonesia, a primarily Muslim country.

“My friend had to apply for a special visa to travel to the US that had to be approved by the US Consulate in London, where she has lived and worked with a full UK work permit for 7 years.

“In order to get an appointment at the US consulate I was required to purchase the flight in advance to prove when she was entering and leaving the US.

“I purchased a flexible ticket from British Airways for £1200. The visa was then denied.

“I was left needing to find someone else who I trust to bring my children.

“Thankfully another good friend has offered. I assumed British Airways would understand this situation and change the name on the ticket that I had been forced to purchase in the first place.

“I was wrong. Instead, I have to buy a whole new ticket and will not be refunded for the first.

“Unfortunately in the sad current climate, I am not surprised by the US immigration decision – but I am disgusted by British Airways’ lack of compassion and common sense.

“If it hadn’t cost so much already I would cancel all the tickets and use another airline – but I can categorically say that I will never fly with British Airways again.”

Some of his 200, 000 followers were appalled by the airline’s behaviour in the situation.

One said: “That’s horrible customer service, noted never to book with them.”

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Fast to step in, a spokesperson for BA has explained:

“We always do everything we can to help customers when their travel plans change.

“We can correct spelling mistakes on all of our tickets, and on many we allow changes to the date or time of a flight too.

“However, we don’t allow customers to transfer their tickets as this could lead to a secondary market of trading in airline tickets.”