Millie Mackintosh destroys her wedding dress!

The former Made In Chelsea star gets scissor-happy!

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Oh no she didn’t! Well, she did apparently.

Millie Mackintosh has really poured salt into the wounds of her ex-husband Professor Green by wrecking a special wedding memory.

The super posh former star of Made In Chelsea is understood to have whipped her £1500 wedding dress out of the closet, ripped it up and smeared it with fake blood to wear to a Halloween party.

Can you believe it? A gorgeous Grace Loves Lace gown, if you please! What WAS she thinking? Talk about a crime against fashion!

“Millie was joking that she was glad she had finally found a good use for it,” a source told the Sun.

“She ripped it to shreds and covered it with blood splashes. She even joked she wished it was Stephen’s blood.

“It was funny but she’s been so quiet about the divorce. It shocked people to see her make such a pointed statement.”

You may remember in September of 2013 that Rowntrees heir Millie dazzled in a gorgeous vintage Alice Temperley dress when she got hitched to the street wise rapper – real name Stephen Manderson – at swanky venue Babbington house before partying the night away in a Grace Loves Lace frock.

But the Lady and The Tramp-type fairytale didn’t last and the couple went their separate ways in February of this year.

And it would seem that relations between the pair are still frosty, after Millie, who is back dating her ex Hugo Taylor, was granted a quickie divorced citing “unreasonable behaviour”.

But while Millie’s savaging of her stunning gown may seem an insensitive gesture, perhaps we shouldn’t feel too sorry for the cocky rapper who has just released a new tune called One Eye On The Door that slates their relationship.

In the song, Prof Green raps: “Same old/ you know getting arrested/ Being offensive, flow still as impressive/ Me an the Mrs we are getting along/ Till I do something wrong – then it’s another domestic.

“People wanna know what my life’s like/ Behind closed doors what’s my wife like/ It gets crazy in bed – We watch a couple episodes/ Of a box set and and then it’s night night.

“When she hears this shit it’s lights out/ I’ll probably get kicked out of my house/ Till I come back with a brand new Chanel bag and shoes but I refuse to wave a white towel.”

Oooh! That’s not very gentlemanly, Stephen. Oh well. That’s relationships for you.

What will they get up to next, we wonder. Whatever it is, we reckon their bitter fall out is going to provide us with a lot of entertainment for some time to come.