Brave One Born Every Minute midwife was diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy with first child

Viewers took her straight to their hearts

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Inspiring One Born Every Minute midwife Harriet Fisher knows how exactly how patients who experience complications in pregnancy can feel, having discovered she had cancer at 31 weeks into her own.

Aged 29, Birmingham practitioner Harriet – who works at the hospital both she and her daughter were born in – was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which spread to her lymph nodes.

Daughter Esther was delivered via Caesarean section after an attempt at being induced failed.

Harriet later had her lymph nodes removed. But radiotherapy caused her to endure a horrible separation from Esther for two weeks after spending three days in a lead-lined room. It also meant she couldn’t breastfeed her daughter.

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Harriet’s treatment forced her to be apart from her daughter for two weeks (Credit: Channel 4)

Both mother and daughter are now well and, three years on since her thyroidectomy, brave Harriet is part of a midwife-led unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital,

She was a instant hit on social media as the programme aired on Channel 4 last night, despite viewers’ tweets joking how the childbirth scenes are enough to put anyone off having kids.

Harriet previously told the Huffington Post she didn’t believe the show creates fear about birth for women.

“It shows love at its rawest moments. It also shows how frightening the process of becoming a parent can be,” she said.

Harriet believes the show has an opportunity to educate (Credit: Channel 4)

The 32-year-old added she felt One Born Every Minute has the opportunity to educate everyone on the realities of birth.

“Birth can be immensely empowering and life-changing for all the right reasons.

“It can be the making of a woman, a couple or a family. Birth can also be very scary.”

Inspiring Harriet has been given the all clear (Credit: Channel 4)

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One Born Every Minute is on Channel 4 on Wednesdays at 9pm.

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