Mic’s Ryan makes very ungentlemanly revelation about Louise’s bedtime habits

The reality star's have recently moved in together

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Made in Chelsea star Ryan Libbey has revealed what girlfriend Louise is really like in the bedroom.

The brunette may be petite but do not underestimate the power of her snore.

Yes, Ryan revealed that he has to wear ear plugs because she’s such a loud snorer.

The fitness couple help others by posting healthy recipes on their social media accounts (Credit: Instagram)

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The couple have recently moved in together after over a year of dating, but she’s just too loud in the bedroom.

Talking to the Mirror, the 26-year-old fitness buff said: “She’s a little terror for snoring.

“It’s shocking for someone so sweet and little to snore as much as she does!

A bronzed Louise may look sweet, but she’s the loudest snorer! (Credit: Instagram)

“I have to sleep with ear plugs, which may be because I’m a light sleeper so that makes it worse!”

The pair are avid fitness fanatics and are constantly posting photos of their gym-honed body’s and luxurious holidays.

Personal trainer Ryan met Louise when she became one of his clients, and the romance blossomed from there.

Louise, 27, has fully embraced a healthier lifestyle, after becoming known for her drinking and partying on the E4 reality show.

Her drinking got her into a lot of trouble on Made in Chelsea in the past, as she would often not remember what had happened the night before.

We’ve all been there!

Ryan has been a huge part in her transformation.

He said: “Shes used to party more and drink more but she’s cut that out, so she feels more revitalised, and feels like she gets a lot more out of her work-outs now.

“She’s learnt more effective ways to train with her body, additional exercises to push her a bit further, but it’s the not drinking.

“She’s now more aware of certain behaviours, which means she can eat more. We’re forever eating one meal to the next.”

The Made in Chelsea couple at the Christmas finale in 2016 (Credit: Instagram)

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The proud boyfriend added: “She always looked fantastic, but in terms of body aesthetics, she looks even more fantastic now.

“And she’s more healthy, positive and vibrant”.

Well, they certainly look happy!

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